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Winter Solstice

Today was the Winter Solstice.
At exactly 11.02am my time (CET).

The mystic rock
The mystic rock.

I had a nice walk, it was a little over 13°C (and windy and raining but...).

Leaves on the driveway
Leaves on the driveway.

Shortly after having taken that photo, I raked up the leaves.

I made a special meal. A "Just Chicken" Fray Bentos (thanks to Ted for posting it) accompanied by a mixture of a trio of rice (long grain white, brown, and wild) along with maccheroni and farfalle to give texture. I had planned on having some frozen veg, but the freezers at the Leclerc had rags and cloths stuffed underneath to soak up water. That to me says there was an unexpected defrosting. So I decided to give a miss to anything frozen, and this was the Plan B. Quite a nice Plan B as it happens.

My Yule dinner
My Yule dinner.

Around that, I did some programming, I did some work outside, and I was climbed by a annoyed kitten cat who basically climbed up my clothing and swatted my phone out of my hands. Yeah, okay, I get it. Don't concentrate on anything else in the presence of the furry God.

Now? It's ten o'clock. Do I watch a movie or not? Decisions, decisions.
But, first, I need to go feed said furry God. And maybe myself.

Here's the video:


Advent Calendar day 21



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Gavin Wraith, 22nd December 2020, 11:59
Thanks for your winter solstice wishes. Your send off on the video reminded me of the sign erected for the Nasruddin Hoca festival: "Whatever your faith, come again". If you don't know some Nasruddin Hoca stories, I warmly recommend them. I quite like the Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies, but alas Karen does not like kidney.
David Pilling, 23rd December 2020, 15:54
The most amazing thing about Fray Bentos is that it is a place, it's like discovering that someone lives in "Mars Bar".
Gavin Wraith, 23rd December 2020, 16:08
Brother Benedict. I had guessed that, and Wikipedia tells me further that he hied from Uruguay.

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