Here, you will find various software packages that I have written for the following platforms: Some of the software is "commercial demo" and you'll need to pay me in order to use it beyond the evaluation period, however the majority is free (as in gratuit).


RISC OS 5 (etc):

This software was primarily written for RISC OS 5. Most should work with earlier versions, too...

BreakAid (latest version v0.01, 2016/08/23)

A utility module that hooks into the OS breakpoint handler to allow problematic code to be examined.


Harinezumi (latest version v0.07alpha, 2017/07/10)

This is a special application that replaces the boot-up scripts of RISC OS in order to vet and log the startup, as well as to carry on if there is an error (because the generic startup will "give up" leaving the boot state indeterminate. Having the boot log is a boon to figure out what went wrong.


Manga (latest version v-.--, ----/--/--)

A RISC OS friendly online manga reader - now available on !Store.


MoreKeys (latest version v0.08, 2013/03/12) There is no index page - read "Help", look at the JPEGs, download the zip file...

This is an application to trap Alt-key presses to pop up a selector for accented keys not normally available from the keyboard. It is modelled on the tap-hold character selector built into Android. It is highly configurable.
A certain person who has written really fancy keyboard drivers says that intercepting keypresses in the way that MoreKeys does is a God-awful thing to do, a travesty, a world-shattering epic fail, yada yada yada.
Until such time as their super-sexy driver is available to the rest of us, your choice is to use MoreKeys, prat around with the !Chars application, or attempt to remember the Alt-keynum codes of the special characters you wish to use. My Pi runs MoreKeys and it sits quietly in the background until I need it. I have not noticed any bizarre behaviour, but what would I know? I only tested it on three different machines... :-P


ResFinder (latest version v0.07, 2014/02/15)

A super-tiny program to set your application's ...$Path variable as appropriate for the language resources available. Designed to replace, and better, the "ResFind" program that some software uses (though, note, this isn't the !ResFind application from many moons ago).
In short - if you have a RISC OS application that uses language resources, you may need/want/love this!



Old source codes:

I have long said that when a software project is abandoned, the programmer should do the decent thing and release the source codes. That way, it can be maintained by those who still use the software, it can be an educational tool, or it can just be something for a download hoarder to fill their harddisc with.
In any case, I have heard loads of excuses, but none come down to answering the basic question - if you have left a project behind, don't plan to continue it, what have you got to lose by releasing source codes?
The usual reply is "oh, my code isn't that good". Hey, dude, if it is good enough to sell the executable, it is good enough to release. It works, right? For what it is worth, VoteModule was my very first RISC OS module, and about my third C program ever. It is pretty crappy really - I'm sure you can spot an ex-BASIC coder miles off. So I will make my apologies... and then release the source.

Look at it another way. The sources released on my site took a lot of time to create. Many many months of my life. Development, testing, that awful moment when you embark on a project and all you have is a blank editor window and it is all before you in space and time. Should I think "stuff it" and move on, or should I dust off those old sources and share them with the world?
Sure, you might laugh at them. Hey, that's okay. You can do that. I don't mind. Because they are not forgotten, they are providing you with a strange sort of amusement. That's cool. And if you decide to pass them on to your compiler and actually use them, or fix my bugs, or rewrite the thing in Ada 'for the hell of it', well, why not? Go for it!

Enough yack - here's the index...



Software for Windows:

ATTENTION! Rather than supply the same resources with every single program (all 3Mb (compressed) of them), I am supplying a separate installation for the DLLs and OCXs, and the software below without.
It is recommended that you download and install the Various Dependencies (3,240K). You need only do this the once.


Account (latest version v0.07, 2008/03/03)

This is a bank account manager that is designed to work alongside a file-compatible mostly lookee-likee version that runs on a Psion 3a/3c/3mx or PocketBook II organiser; though it will work quite happily in a stand-alone manner.


Alarm (latest version v0.14, 2009/07/26)

This is an alarm clock for Windows! It resides on the system tray. Built-in are useful conversions (units: such as F to °C, or mph to kp/h; and numbers such as binary to hex).


Callie (should be registered, no fixed price, latest version v0.14, 2008/01/31)

This is a calendar design and creation package. All you need to create your very own calendar is Callie, a printer and some paper to go in it, and some good digital photos!


CamCopy (latest version v0.02, 2009/02/18)

A little dodah to copy out files from a digital camera with a modicum of intelligence...


FTAChannels (latest version v1.07, 2007/12/09)

This is a simple little database of channels available 'free to air' on the SkyDigital platform.


Jiten (latest version v1.01, 2008/03/29)

Jiten is a Japanese/English dictionary with around sixty five thousand words. This is my Windows version of the RISC OS !Jiten software (written by Philip Murray-Pearce in 1998).


OPMLV (latest version v0.06, 2005/12/11)

This is a viewer for the mailing list files that are available from the OvationPro website, and on the installation CD-ROM.
It is pretty simple, but easier than trying to read text files...
Oh, and it copes correctly with both RISC OS and Windows line termination conventions.


OvHTML (Win) (latest version v0.48WIN, 2003/08/16)

This is a 32 bit console application (that means it looks like a DOS program, only it runs in the Windows environment) which allows the OvationPro desktop publishing software to load, and import, HTML documents - complete with a reasonable attempt at HTML 3.2 design effects (except CSS, tables, and frames which are not supported).
Also available is a slightly older RISC OS version, details in the RISC OS section.


ROView (latest version v0.06 2008/07/10) SOURCE AVAILABLE

Windows colourised viewer for RISC OS source codes (APCS assembler).


StrawHelp (latest version v0.06, 2015/03/17) SOURCE AVAILABLE (under EUPL)

Windows viewer for StrongHelp documents.


TechnikaTweak (latest version v0.04, 2007/02/04) SOURCE AVAILABLE

Nice front-end for Technika ML-2 MP3 player's settings. Also has rudimentary support for Technika MP-906.


TeleGuide (latest version v0.06, 2007/11/23)

Create television viewing guides with minimal fuss.


Verbe (€10 + p&p; latest version v1.00, 2007/05/18)

Teach yourself French verbs! Then, test yourself and see how well you've done. Supports passé composé, present, and futur tenses.


VeroDes (latest version v1.37, 2011/04/03)

Veroboard (stripboard) design software.


WebScan (about €10; latest version v0.21 2009/07/27)

This software makes it easy to see what has 'changed' (since last scan). Why might this be useful? If you write your website by hand (as I do), this will tell you what needs to be uploaded to bring the site up to date!


WinTTX (latest version v1.51, 2008/08/15)

A fully-featured level 1.5 compatible teletext viewer for Windows. Requires a teletext receiver based upon an SAA524x IC; plus a simple-to-build parallel port lead.
The interim release (v1.50) adds to the functionality in numerous ways and also includes the teletext script interpreter (that is mostly compatible with RISC OS !Teletext scripts!).



Software for DOS:

6502asm (latest version v0.04, 2008/06/11)

An unfinished, but hopefully useful, 6502 assembler designed as part of my 'Amélie' project.


PSMD (latest version v0.05, 2006/07/03)

The Pace Digibox outputs a lot of information when in use. This program allows you to 'see' this information, and also log it...


Teletext (for DOS) (latest version v0.15, 2004/06/25)

Teletext decoding software for DOS, which even attempts to display the mosaic characters!



Software for RISC OS:

View complete list
You will find all of my RISC OS software available by clicking this link.


Featured software:

OvHTML (latest version v0.41ß2, 2003/10/20)

This is an application which allows the OvationPro desktop publishing software to load, and import, HTML documents - complete with a reasonable attempt at HTML 3.2 design effects (except CSS, tables, and frames which are not supported).
Also available, though not 'complete' by any means, is a rough conversion from OvationPro to HTML.


!Teletext (latest version v1.57, 2004/02/10)

My original teletext software for RISC OS, is much the same as WinTTX only more so! - includes a script language for automated data capture...


Voyager utilities

Lots of utilities for Argonet's Voyager internet connection software: including "QuickVoy" which will get you on-line without eating loads of memory, and the mini-version (without the bells & whistles) that'll do it in ~64K!



Software for PocketBook II / Psion 3a:

View PB2/P3a information
At this link, you will find a collection of software for the Acorn PocketBook II and Psion 3a range of organisers ("palmtops"). You will also find my comments on the PocketBook II in action, as well as an "under-the-hood" examination of how the device works.


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