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Or maybe I should say Joyeux NoŽl!, or even

On the desk beside me is the little slow cooker, filled with carrot, shallot, leek, Ebly, and a large piece of beef cut into cubes. I'm not doing turkey, I'm doing a good solid stew and endless cups of tea.


Here are some photos from earlier in the day, when there was light drizzle. The sun came out a little bit later so mom and I went for a walk. It was... surprisingly pleasant given it's nearly the end of December. But, hey, I'm not complaining!



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Gavin Wraith, 26th December 2015, 16:31
Happy Boxing Day. We too shunned turkey. Mind you, I quite like turkey, but not for days on end. Thanks for the pictures; you are fortunate to live in lovely surroundings. 
This morning I gobbled a slim volume, Too Loud a Solitude, by Bohumil Hrabal. An amazing work, insightful, touching and inspired, and very Czech. 
Read it if you can. An endless war between factions of rats in the sewers of Prague is the most fitting metaphor for politics that I have encountered. 
Best wishes for the new year.

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