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Playmobil Advent Calendar - Day Twenty One

Only three windows left to open now!



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Gavin Wraith, 22nd December 2015, 15:02
As far as I know there were no Advent Calendars when I was young. I first came across one in Denmark in 1969 as a Juulekalendar. Toys were hard to come by during WWII - I was born in 1939 - but I have memories of waking to find some fantastic presents on the foot of my bed. I remember a radio, in a huge wooden box, put together by somebody in our village; large dials and earphones. Then there was a bakelite model of a Fairey Fulmar, pinched from some RAF aircraft-recognition class. And I got a jigsaw, again made by somebody in the village, with some of the pieces having the outline of aeroplanes. I had a teddy bear called Timmy with light blue fur; unfortunately I shaved him with a pair of nail scissors. He was eventually passed down to one of my daughters. I also had an elephant, called Dear. His chief virtue was to have a trunk, which made him more easily retrievable; I had a habit of throwing things down the lavatory at that age. 
My wife, when small, was given a wonderful book in the shape of an apartment block, with various openings like an Advent Calendar. Behind each door was a separate family and a separate story. This offered the reader a wealth of possible dramas to imagine. 
I am sorry to say that I find Playmobil characters rather sinister. They are too smooth and homogeneous for much individuality to get a grip on. With wooden figures you could use a chisel or a paintbrush, but that would be asking for trouble with Playmobil people.
David Pilling, 22nd December 2015, 19:24
Hmm when this saga began I wondered how long the idea had been going, quite some time [1] 
Are we nearly there yet. 
[1] ars

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