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How does an introverted geek score so low on dumb/dork/awkward? That ain't right...
As for the low sci-fi comic score. It's simple. Star Trek sucks, Firefly does not. Marvel comics are stupid (all superheroes are dumb beyond the telling of it), Ghost In The Shell rocks. You Spiderman/Fantastic fans, you would urinate all over yourselves before you got to the end of the first chapter of any Junji Ito comic. So, no, I'm not a hopeless sci-fi nerd, I just don't fit into the predefined "Kirk is God" mould. I preferred Picard anyway.
As for the maths score? I had a graphing calculator in the days when they were rare. You could program the thing to draw equations, and leave them on-screen for the next equation. By a lot of trial and error, you can get it to (slowly) calculate risque drawings. Boobies by equation? I deserve a nerd score for that alone. :-P
History and literature? I blame my mother. I certainly don't blame the British education system. As it happens, I've just bought - and am reading - In the After (UK link; French link, English language; or French link, French language). It's good so far...


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Gavin Wraith, 11th December 2015, 00:25
Whether I am a nerd or not I do not know. But I think 
I do understand the joys and sorrows of programming. 
Bertrand Russell wrote a book "Satan in the Suburbs 
or Nightmares of Eminent People" in which he describes 
the nightmare of living in a cosmos that does not follow any sort of rational law - where kettles may freeze when put on the fire, or where you may awake not knowing how many arms you have. Programming is an act of faith in rationality. When the program works as intended it is 
a miracle that restores confidence. When a bug cannot 
be found depression sets in, and confidence in reason 
wanes. Audiences like James Bond films because when he 
flicks his cigarette lighter it lights. Reality is not 
like that: things go wrong. When they go right it must 
mean that Fate is smiling. People bet not so much for 
greed as for compensation for deprivation in childhood; when they win they believe that they are the special child of Fate. 
Programs that work are surely miracles. The attempt to 
program is a hymn to the sanctity of reason. It is quite fun to be in control, too ;).
David Pilling, 11th December 2015, 15:15
Betrand Russell said that a perfect notation would be a substitute for thought. You know how your program should behave. It's only the crummy notation that is stopping it working right.

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