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Playmobil Advent Calendar - Day Twenty Four

The testcard was while I was getting everything ready. Skip ahead to 1m30s if you want to see the good stuff. Watch it all if you want the live experience. ☺


Since it would have taken too long to put all the stuff together, insert batteries, stick on stickers, and so on, I have produced a "everything assembled" video:


Well, that's it for another year. All of the windows opened, and The Big Day merely a couple of hours away. I've set the PVR to record Midnight Mass (mom likes the carols and stuff) and I'm going to enjoy a feeds-two sized tagliatelle and salmon (with butter sauce - yum!) meal and then go to bed early. I had to work this morning with an earlier than usual start, me and two others. Ho hum. Anyway, I'm tired, good night.


So, all that remains for me to say is "Merry Christmas" to all of my readers. And if you are of a different belief or you don't believe, then "Happy Chocolate-Stuffing-And-Not-Going-To-Work Day".



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A visitor, 24th December 2015, 20:44
Love the test card recreation. Ace.
David Pilling, 24th December 2015, 22:40
I reckon there's a hidden door and insist everyone spends Christmas day looking for it.
Rick, 25th December 2015, 10:10
@ David: Like.

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