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Playmobil Advent Calendar - Day Sixteen


What, no birthday?

No birthday.

While I am another year older today (pfoof! just like that!), I will be celebrating it on the 16th of June. For those who sent cards, don't worry, I will keep them safe until then. Special mention to "Ha Pea Birthday" - you'll have to wait six months to find out what that's about. ☺

To understand why I have made this decision, here is my brief explanation (in French) posted to Facebook for all the girls who wanted to know where there sweeties were. I think half the girls think I'm nuts...and the rest just think I'm nuts(*). ☺

* - except for one or two who appear to have taken this extraordinarily literally and think I'm actually trying to change my date of birth, and wonder if such a thing is even possible. OMG, if that was actually possible, I won't change my date, I'd change my age. I'd happily be twelve (or so) again. I mean, mobile phones that can store a shedload of video, the internet for every song I could ever want, powerful computers that'll fit inside a cigar box, loads of fansub animé, video-enabled drones??? The eighties were cool and I'm glad I learned from the venerable BBC Micro...but wow, the stuff available these days. I'd fail every single one of my exams but I'd know all the words to obscure Kalafina songs. Sometimes I wonder if that mightn't be a more useful skill than a B in advanced level GCSE Physics... (and a D in Motor Mechanics because I wasn't one of the 'preferred' petrolheads; I know all about how the engine works, but it was a choice of that or history, so I took MM and dossed around a lot while successfully stripping and restoring a Suffolk Colt lawnmower that I rescued from a tip (so shove that stupid D where the exhaust fumes come out, nerr))

Ah, this takes me back. To evenings when I was fifteen, and wasn't in front of a computer, I was messing with getting the carburettor aligned just right. It was an interesting design where the float valve raised and lowered a needle connected to the fuel line, so it was self-regulating. Skip to 1m10s for the good stuff.



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David Pilling, 17th December 2015, 22:18
It's common to have two birthdays, The Queen, my grandmother, anyone who is born in December. I've used a Suffolk Punch, many happy hours trying to get it to start, I consider myself lucky to have survived - customised, bits spinning around. Happy Birthday...

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