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Playmobil Advent Calendar - Day One

Something a little bit special this year!



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David Pilling, 1st December 2015, 23:00
"Playmobil Advent Calendar 2015 - Day One (what more needs to be said?)" 
Quite a bit, like the Daily Express "Advent of SECULAR age: Alarming 89 per cent of Britons open non-Christian advent calendar" 
Are you poking that kittens eye out? 
All vaguely sinister, like earth is being invaded by small plastic figures which are appearing out of cardboard boxes.
Rick, 1st December 2015, 23:46
What's a CHRISTIAN advent calendar? Chocolate crosses? 
I think somebody said recently (as Playmo celebrated its 40th) that there were more little plastic people in the world than living people. I'd say the invasion is going to plan. They move in and all the while we're dumb enough to keep blowing ourselves up. Soon it'll be Ratkind and Playmo people...
Mick, 4th December 2015, 14:05
What ever happened to seeing prints behind each door with holy scenes / Apostles and double doors for 25th showing a baby in a manger? I suppose kids need something more interesting to make them look up from their mobile device these days. That's if their 'parent' doesn't push them in front of a bus because she forgot to look up herself! Zombie nation..
Rick, 4th December 2015, 23:01
Maybe kids these days want something more substantial than wishy-washy talkings about "faith"? 
I know... CHOCOLATE! 

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