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Playmobil Advent Calendar - Day Twelve

Thanks to ZeroSquare for the information on "Pulsadis". Interesting. I find I can 'see' it better with incandescent (filament) bulbs. My searches on this led me to some information about the new electricity meter "Linky". While I was aware of the potential infringement of privacy (it records electricity consumption to the degree where a person with access to the data can tell exactly what time you got up by looking at the spike of the kettle going on), I was not overly bothered about that. It could be of use to a burglar, perhaps, but given our rural location it would suffice just as easily to hide out for a few days (or tech up and fit a small camera module) just to learn our patterns and realise that there is nothing worth nicking, unless you really really really need some Playmobil...

No, of much greater concern is that this meter spews CPL all over the place. The reports I have read suggest that it can easily knock out 148kHz to 400kHz (CPL G1-G3), which would destroy mom's ability to listen to Radio Four on Long Wave (198kHz); worse yet, it will be loading these emissions on to older uninsulated cabling.
If I wanted to turn the house into a giant transmitter, I'd start a pirate radio station and broadcast Kalafina to a waiting world.

Seriously, this is unacceptable. It is for good reason that I have completely avoided CPL here. With that in mind, if ErDF comes around to install an ectoplasmic-slime-green Linky, I will say Simplement, NON.

David - that's it. Yes. I'm not autistic, I'm a superhero. I got it now. Thanks.
I'm rather sensitive to high speed flickering. Thankfully my local cinema uses a fast shutter on the projector. I went to a cinema a while back that must have been using an older 24fps shutter as I could not quite see the motion of the shutter, but I could see the interference pattern (cycling dark bars) going up and down the screen. I left the movie, felt like I was going to puke. Horrid.


Here's today's Playmo. It's a little late as I was up early for a Saturday shift (the run up to Christmas is a really busy period) and, well, kind of sat on my bed and did nothing at all for most of the evening. Thankfully the Saturdays are over, as these long runs are really tiring...



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David Pilling, 15th December 2015, 02:50
I'd not heard about the linky smart meters. As to seeing flashing light - take an LED (no thermal lag) connect to your signal generator and see how fast you can go.

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