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Day Eight


Getting information from a Vonets WiFi adaptor under RISC OS

The Vonets VAP11G WiFi adaptor comes in two flavours. The original, which uses a weird custom protocol and a setup program that only works on Windows XP... and the shiny new revised that is a proper sort of gateway, has its own IP address, and a web-based configuration.
Configuration will probably need to be done on a PC, or perhaps a tablet? The Vonets makes heavy use of scripting.

That said, it is possible to get some information out of the device using NetSurf.

The first thing you must do is log in. Go to http://vonets.cfg/a.asp from the machine that the Vonets is connected to. You should see the following:

Enter your login credentials. By default this is, surprise surprise, admin and admin. Then click the button on the right.

For some information, go to http://vonets.cfg/adm/status.asp and you'll see this:

To see what hotspots are available (and/or signal strength), go to http://vonets.cfg/goform/get_web_hotspots_list.
This will reply something akin to:

The data is a tab separated file, laid out as follows:
  Access point SSID
  MAC address of AP
  WiFi channel
  Signal strength (0-100)
  Authentication (if any)
  Encryption type ("Disable" if none)
  WiFi mode
  "NONE" (always says that...?)
The "get_web_hotspots_list" will always perform a scan to see what hotspots are available. If you just want to see the results of the most recent scan without looking again, suffix '2' (ie get_web_hotspots_list2).

One for the nerds now - http://vonets.cfg/goform/getMemoryStatus which will reply:

When you're done, you should go to http://vonets.cfg/goform/quit to log out (only one login at a time is permitted). The response will be a rather appallingly translated "You are already quited"!


Note that if you send a few (how many? two?) bogus requests, the built in server will simply stop responding, period. I'm not sure if this is a "safety feature" or if the server actually crashes or something. To be honest, knowing what IoT hardware is like, my money is on the latter choice. :-/
If this happens, you'll need to power-cycle.



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