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Today was a pleasant day. After an organic Earl Grey, followed by a "Gardens of Babylon" (black tea with peach, orange, and cherry), we (that's my mother and I) had some time with Wawa.

Early afternoon, the temperature didn't quite make 12°C but it got close. So we went for a walk in the field and picked up some pottery. Late Roman and into the Dark Ages, roughly, though I'm no expert on such things.

Later in the afternoon, I started boiling the organic vegetables, and then oven-cooked them for a while before cooking the chicken pie. The pie, I should add, that was rather lacking in anything that resembled chicken. Never mind, the pastry was gloopy and I'm a sucker for sad pastry. Especially after it's had a good soaking in gravy.

My PVR recorded the Christmas Dr. Who so I could go back and watch that non-live. Looking in the RadioTimes, it looks as if that's all that is of interest, so I've pulled out my Firefly box set to watch a random episode or two.

All in all, a lovely enjoyable day. I think I'm going to go make a Sweet Sakura tea now.

And, finally, I can turn off this roman numerals nonsense! But watch out, next time the dates might look like 二千十七年十二月二十五日. ☺



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