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The temperatures, that were a not unpleasant 10-12ish on Christmas Day, plummeted to a year low of -4.7°C last night, and with thick fog it struggled to reach a balmy -2.1°C this afternoon. It's -4.8°C now as I write this at 10pm, so it looks like it'll be a solid brass monkey tonight.

What to watch

I was watching the remake of A Man From U.N.C.L.E. (borrowed from the library) earlier this evening, but gave up on that as it was, well, kind of boring. My week long holiday is almost over (the hell? where did that week go!?!?) so I really would prefer something with more... you know... more.
Just so happens there's a live action version of "I Am A Hero" that is bloody excellent. It seems Japan has been cranking out quite a few live action films based on manga/animé, from the somewhat lacklustre Attack on Titan pair, to the rather more amusing Chihayafuru pair. There is also a film from the story The Town Where Only I Am Missing (I think that's the title, I've not watched it). Obviously a film is going to suffer from taking a lot of source material (consider ten to twenty twenty minute episodes (200-400 minutes) squeezed down into a film that may run from 90-120 minutes. This was noticeable in Another.
A live action I'd like to see is Hyōka. I think the characters and setup would work well, but I suspect it may be better as a series than a film, and maybe take on a character entirely its own, such as the live action series Subete Ga F Ni Naru, that I preferred to the animé version.



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