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What to write about?

The problem with setting a "challenge" like writing one blog entry every day for a month is that some days one just doesn't feel inspired. So I am sitting in the car while my mother in in Biosphère (an organic food supermarket) writing this opening line, wondering how to continue.


Christmas dinner redux

Mom has returned. She says "write about the lovely organic vegetables we had for dinner on Christmas, covered in vegetable flavoured Bisto". Well, okay. I already have, but why not talk about it some more?
It went like this - four carrots, five spuds, the minor onion, the major parsnip...
There were four carrots peeled and chopped into chunks, then five potatoes (also peeled and chopped), plus an enormous parsnip and a dinky onion. I boiled these for about fifteen minutes, then laid them out on tin foil on a baking tray, then put it all into the oven for about forty minutes. Why? Because I like the texture of baked veg, especially potato. You know the part where it goes brown and crispy? Yum! Or "Miam!" as they say in France.
I removed the veg from the oven and put it on top, then cooked a "Just Chicken" Fray Bentos pie (one of the tinned ones). I've never had the pastry of those rise properly, though I suspect it is the oven rather then the pie. Not a big deal, I happen to like sad pastry. Within the pie was quite a lot of gravy (not a patch on the Bisto, mind you) and a noticeable dearth of anything that might resemble chicken. Oh well, I guess this could count as an almost-vegetarian meal. ☺

Christmas Day, I woke up with a Tetley or two, as is usual. That was followed by an organic Earl Grey that tasted more like Breakfast tea. You could smell the bergamot in the pack, but it didn't come through to the flavour. So I tossed that and replaced it with a far superior Gardens of Babylon (black tea with peach, orange, and cherry; I note there seem to be several different teas with the same name, many containing mint...). A nice Earl Grey with jasmine (Oriental Earl Grey) accompanied the meal itself, and I settled down to watch the Christmas episode of Dr. Who (recorded by my PVR) with a Sweet Sakura (Japanese black tea with cherry - this one I save for "special").


Amazon's response

Amazon got back to me after I sent some photos of what was advertised in the item description (a real JYE model) and what was received (a clone) to say:
  • Je suis désolée pour le problème rencontré avec l'article [description] de votre commande [order number].
    J'ai créé une commande de remplacement :
    [order number]. Cette commande ne vous sera pas facturée, elle est entièrement à nos frais, et la date de livraison estimée est entre le mardi 27 décembre 2016 et le jeudi 29 décembre 2016.

So how this is being handled is that I will send back the clone device, and be reimbursed, and Amazon is sending me a replacement free of charge. I'm not sure if this replacement will be the real thing or a clone - after all, if all of the stock that they hold of this device is the same...? I notice that Amazon is still listing the item that was sent to me.
If it is the real thing, that would be an excellent result. If it is a clone, then I'll be happy with that (well, it's free, right?) but I'm holding on to the original package for now as if it is a clone I'm going to swap the resistor packs over. I've already metered one set, why do the same job twice? ☺
My parcel is apparently in Carvin (parcel centre in the north-east of the country) and has been there since the 23rd. Due date is tomorrow, so you and I both will have to see what arrives. I'll tell you what - I'll do an unboxing video, okay?

I've also seen a KKMoon transistor, diode, capacitor tester on Amazon. I may get that soon, as it can help with things my multimeter cannot do. Like maybe make sense out of Schottky diodes!



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