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Day XX

Nearly to the end now.


Counterfeit hardware

With reference to my kit oscilloscope that I talked about yesterday, I went back and looked at the description on Amazon. Not only does it claim to be a legitimate kit from the title, it also contains photographs of a legitimate board (complete with serial number sticker), but what was received was a different board (there are noticable structural differences if you look carefully) without a sticker.
As this kit was being directly shipped by Amazon, I've let them know it's a counterfeit and also let JYE Tech know as well... though there seems to be something oddly ironic about Chinese companies ripping off a Chinese company (as JYE is)...

I don't plan on sending the board back for a refund, because I want something "fun" to do over Christmas (I can write about my mishaps here), and also because I've been dabbling in software for so long, it seems like forever since I wielded a soldering iron for anything more complicated than sticking a new audio plug onto my headphones... I would actually be surprised if:

  • The device supplied isn't duff...
    • ...and I don't break it
In other words, that moment of truth when applying power will either be "it figures" or a reason to pop a bottle of (alcohol free) bubbly.

I'll let you know if or JYE reply with anything worth sharing.



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David Pilling, 21st December 2016, 01:21
Probly obvious but there is a lot of online material about these oscopes and debugging them (and improving them). One complaint about this sort of thing is that the source code is not to be had, often (although not this time) despite it coming from the 'community'.

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