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Day XV


Aleppo and two-faced hacks

The stories coming out of Aleppo in recent days have been little short of horrifying. Those responsible for the atrocities are not so much a different religion as a different species.
With that in mind, can somebody please explain why some of the English press want their readers to be outraged at this, saying "something must be done", when this self-same sorry excuse of journalism campaigned in favour of Brexit, in favour of stopping immigration, kicking out the foreigners, "taking back control", and - oh look - today the big thing is Muslim-only parts of Paris where women can't go.
You know what? Angela Merkel might have been somewhere between naïve and delusional when she threw open the doors of her country to Syrian asylum seekers (any cynical jaded fart would have been able to predict half a continent walking through those open doors); but her heart was in the right place. Or, to be more blunt, she might have made a mistake in the degree of openness, but at least she was bloody doing something, not sitting on their fat arses spreading lies, hate, bigotry, and racism to boot. And for God's sake Daily Fail, learn what those wibbly red marks underneath words mean.



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